Talent concept

Excellent enterprises come from excellent talents. Hwasun regards talents as the most important resource of the enterprise, and employees as the most precious wealth and strategic partner of the enterprise. In terms of personnel standards and talent introduction, Hwasun advocates "appointing people on their merits" and "both morality and talent"; in the use of talents, it advocates "making the best use of talents and talents", giving full play to the personal potential of employees, and forming a good talent selection of "top capable and mediocre" In terms of incentive mechanism, it emphasizes the organic combination of employee's personal interests with company's interests, immediate interests and long-term interests, and has a complete set of personnel training and promotion mechanism, which strictly determines the employee's personal treatment, training approach and career promotion according to personal ability and work results, so as to fully stimulate the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of each employee.

Hwasun pharmaceutical attaches great importance to the team building and reserve personnel training of the company, so as to realize the rejuvenation and localization of middle-level managers. Based on the current situation that the reserve of local pharmaceutical professionals is relatively insufficient, the company has established and improved the echelon talent training system, and has provided an endless stream of talent resources for the sustainable development of the enterprise through internal training and internal promotion. We believe that every employee can start from a different starting point and strive for excellence, just as our enterprise has developed slowly but continuously since its birth. Hwasun pharmaceutical encourages all employees to keep learning and making progress. The company provides suitable training plan and fair promotion mechanism for all employees, advocates internal promotion and shares the company's development achievements with employees.